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Sterling Web Services builts Web sites that are in compliance with standards created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Valid Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is used to construct a meaningful semantic structure for each page. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files are used to control the presentation, the visual design, of the site. Additional behaviors are controlled using Javascript, written in a way as to not hinder the user's experience if they have this feature disabled on their browser. It's how the designers of the Web intended for it to be.

This approach produces a site which is easier to develop, use and maintain in several ways:

A Note About Web Browsers

Nearly all modern Web browsers will display a standards compliant Web site as the developer intended. It must be understood that the Web is not print- that is, the Web is a fluid medium and the developer does not have absolute control over how a browser displays a page.

Still, the entire content of a compliant Web site is accessible in every Web user agent. Non-compliant browsers, browsers that don't support CSS and browser's whose users have disabled CSS will simply display the content unstyled.

The latest versions of the following browsers offer generally good support Web standards:

At Sterling Web Services, we use Firefox as our browser during Web site development.

Compliance is good- Demand it from your Web developer.

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