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Sterling Web Services is focused on providing streamlined, well thought out and efficient Web Presence Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Administration.

The World Wide Web is about instant access to information, education and entertainment. It is our belief that many become discouraged while waiting on slow and often cluttered sites to download, only to find themselves at a poorly designed site that is difficult to navigate and lacking in content.

The Web is a highly technical medium and the Internet is a complex, finite resource. Many developers lack both knowledge of the workings of the system and respect for the specifications that govern it's use.

Sterling Web Services maintains the following beliefs:

Compliance with current Web standards is a requirement. Compliance insures that the site will be viewable as intended by the largest possible audience and that all content will be viewable under every circumstance.

Visual Perception

Having an artistic background helps significantly when choosing the design elements that will comprise the site. Color and form must work together as well as function within the space that forms the page. Also, there are design issues unique to the Web that must be addressed.


It is the designer's responsibility to lead a viewer through the site in a manner specific to the way the site is to be perceived. Navigation should be logical and immediately familiar to the user.

File Size

Graphic file sizes should be kept to a minimum; large files require excessive download times. There are a multitude of optimization methods available. Although many are very simple, they are often ignored or implemented badly..


There should be some common thread which binds the various pages and sections of a site together. Common design elements, related color themes and the concept of the site as metaphor are some of the ways of providing this connection. This is what defines a site, as opposed to a collection of pages.


The designer must understand exactly how the client wants to be perceived and the client must understand what is expected of him during the various phases of the project. There must be an open channel of communication to accomplish this.

Attention to Detail

Typographical errors, spelling errors, dead links, missing graphics, broken programming and the like are totally unacceptable.

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