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A selection of Web sites developed by Sterling Web Services. Visiting the sites will open a new window, if your browser is JavaScript enabled.

Wakefield United Methodist Church

The first version site for Wakefield United Methodist Church. The site will provide information for the Church members, the community, and potential visitors.

m e t a v i s i o n

An artist's site offering information on the artist and a sampling of her work. The work is displayed using a javascript/css driven lightbox.

Exoplanetary Properties

This site is billed as the first to offer for sale property outside of our solar system, plots on the recently discovered exoplanet Fomalhaut b. The project is completely the work of Sterling Web Services. The site is being expanded during Phase II of its development.

The Battle of Kontum

A comprehensive site detailing a major battle of the Vietnam War. The project consisted of developing the site, constructing all of the pages, writing all of the on-site programming, generating or preparing all of the images and writing programming to assist in the development and construction of the site. It continues with additions, maintainance and administrative duties.

Reflections From the Web

A subsite of The Battle of Kontum, this site is for the promotion and online sale of a book, "Reflections From the Web," written by the site's author. Standards compliant code follows the look and feel of the main site. The back-end programming that forms the ordering system also outputs valid, compliant pages.

The Wakefield Foundation, Inc.

The Wakefield Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the old high school building in Wakefield, VA. It provides a variety of services and activities for its community. The site, a redesign and expansion of their original page, is in ongoing development.

Setting The Record Straight

An offshoot of The Battle of Kontum, this project, handled in its entirety, hopes to change the way the history of the Vietnam War is taught in high schools by recruiting Veterans of the war to act as advisors to high school history departments.

The Solar System to Scale

The solar system presented at a scale of 1 pixel equals 1000km. Visit the individual planets, or move through the system at the speed light. The page has an equivalent width of nearly 1 mile.

VDOC Facilities Map

An interactive map showing the location of various Virginia Department of Corrections facilities. Using a Google Maps interface, the locations are color coded by security level and info windows contain basic facility information.

Disappearing Card Trick

An online magic trick- Pick a card, any card, and watch it disappear.


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