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Sterling Web Services offers a full range of services to meet virtually all of your Web design, development and implementation needs. Alternatively, we can provide advice and assistance to guide your team to successful completion of your in-house Web and intranet projects. Among the services we offer are:

Site Design

We can handle any and all aspects of the design of your site. Working closely with you during the definition and design phases, together we will create the perfect Web presence for your organization.

Graphic Design

As practicing artists, we have the capability to handle any of the graphic work required for your site. From designing original graphics to scanning your artwork to preparing any digital images you might supply, your graphic needs are not a problem for us.

Web Programming

We have the experience and knowledge to produce any programming that might be necessary to provide the required interactivity on your site. With Perl and PHP, server-side programing chores such as form processing, guestbooks and database access can be accomplished. And, numerous client-side functions, both functional and appearance enhancing, can be added through JavaScript programming.

Site Maintenance

Your Web site should be a dynamic, evolving entity. Change is good. We can handle the details of making regular updates to the site or we can teach your staff how to handle these functions.

Site Redesign

If you are experiencing problems or are otherwise dissatisfied with your current site, perhaps a redesign might be in order. From minor adjustments to improve appearance and download times to a complete revamp, we can help provide the site you desire.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

While we don't at present provide any Web hosting services, we can assist you in choosing a location to house your site. We are experienced in configuring and maintaining the Apache Web Server running in the Linux operating system (the most common combination on the Web) and can help with any technical issues you might have if you choose to act as your own host. And we can handle or assist in the process of registering your unique domain name with one of the registrars.


We are available for consultations concerning any aspect of designing, implementing and maintaining a Web site.

Digital Imaging & Photography

We are also capable of capturing nearly any photographic image that might be required for your design. And, of course, we can handle all of the work necessary to include any of your images on your site. Check out our expanding range of Digital Imaging services.

Please feel free to contact us concerning any of your Web or imaging related needs.

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