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Filling out and submitting this questionaire can be your first step in having Sterling Web Services work on your project. The questions are designed to help you think about things that will be important in defining and developing your site. The Project Profiler can also help you gain insight into the needs of your project.

 What is the main objective of your Web project?   Marketing
 Customer Support
 Intercompany Communications
 Combination of above
 Elaborate a bit on your main objective 
 Do you currently have a Web site? 

If so, what is your URL?

 Describe your organization 
 Describe your current ideas for your project 
 What would you like your Web site to accomplish for you? 
 Is your market-   Local
 Describe your target audience 
 Will the site contents be-   New
 In terms of the number of pages, how large will the site be?   1-5
 Do you have the graphics that will be used on the project?   Yes

What graphic services will you require from us?

 Design logo
 Design site graphics
 Scan images
 What features do you anticipate using on your site?   Contact form
 Feedback/survey form
 Database access
 Online Ordering
 Shopping cart
 How soon must the project be online?   Immediately
 2-3 months
 3-6 months
 What is the budget for the project?   $1,000-$2,000
 Will your site administration/maintainance be-   In house
 What is the expected frequency of updates?   Daily
 Do you want your own domain?   Yes
 Do you need assistance in chosing an Internet Service Provider for-   Dial-up service and Web hosting
 Web hosting only
 Have ISP
 Give URLs of any sites you like or would want to model your site after- 
 Do you have any questions not on the list? 
 Any additional comments concerning the questions or your answers? 
 Contact Information 

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