Sterling Web Services' Logo I. Background and Goals


Please provide corporate and industry descriptions, including competitors, along with a brief critique of their sites. Include contact information and a description of the group who will be working on the project. Who are the decisionmakers? Who else would be contracting? Who's responsible for what? What human resources do you have for various stages of the process?


What is the mission statement or summary of your project?
What are the basic goals of this project? (e.g., branding/identity reinforcement, improved access to information, direct sales, corporate communication, etc.)

What outcome will make this project successful? How will you measure success?

What are your schedule requirements?

What is the budget for this project? Is there an acceptable budget range, depending on the level and comprehensiveness of services provided? Please explain.

Describe any work that has been done toward designing/redesigning a new web site.

Will the web site reinforce an existing branding or marketing strategy? How?

Discuss any identity/branding assets (logos, other artwork, and fonts) or issues.

Rank the following, in order of importance:

I. Background and Goals
II. Audience, Content, and Functionality
III. The Field Trip

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